Student-Athlete Grant-in-Aid

University of Georgia Student-Athlete Grant-in-Aid Appeals Procedure

These procedures are available to any student-athlete appealing the non-renewal, reduction, or cancellation of an athletic grant-in-aid. These procedures comply with hearing opportunity requirements established by NCAA guidelines and are included in the Student-Athlete Handbook distributed to all student-athletes.

A student-athlete’s appeal of a grant-in-aid decision will involve the following steps:

a.         Written notice to the student-athlete of non-renewal, reduction, or cancellation of financial aid and opportunity to appeal;

b.         An informal discussion between the student-athlete and the respective coach;

c.         A written request for reconsideration to the Athletic Director; and

d.         A written appeal to the President through the University of Georgia Student-Athlete Appeals Committee (“Appeals Committee”).

The student-athlete’s initial request for reconsideration must be submitted in writing to the Athletic Director within 5 business days of receipt of the written decision impacting the student-athlete’s grant-in-aid. The written request to the Athletic Director must include a copy of the letter impacting the grant-in-aid that is the subject of the request for reconsideration. The Athletic Director will promptly render a decision, in writing, to the student-athlete. If the 5-day period expires without the submission of a written request for reconsideration to the Athletic Director, the decision becomes final and is not subject to further review.

Within 10 business days of the date of the Athletic Director’s decision, the student-athlete can appeal the decision, in writing, through the Appeals Committee to the President. The appeal must contain a copy of the letter impacting the grant-in-aid and a copy of the Athletic Director’s decision, as well as any other documentation the student-athlete wishes to submit in support of the appeal. A student-athlete who wishes to address the Appeals Committee orally must make the request in the written appeal. The appeal should be emailed to to the attention of the Student-Athlete Appeals Coordinator c/o General Counsel, University of Georgia Office of Legal Affairs.

The Athletic Department has 5 business days from receipt of the appeal to submit a response, which may also include a request to address the Appeals Committee orally. If the 10-day period expires without submission of a written appeal to the President, the decision becomes final and is not subject to further review.

Appeals Coordinator:

An Appeals Coordinator is located in the Office of Legal Affairs and is responsible for helping to coordinate the expeditious and fair resolution of student-athlete grant-in-aid appeals. The role of the Appeals Coordinator is to administer these procedures and facilitate the appeals process.

Oral Hearing:

The purpose of an oral presentation is to provide an opportunity for individuals who may communicate more effectively orally than in writing to supplement their written appeal. The Athletic Department will be afforded the opportunity to attend the hearing and orally address the Appeals Committee.

When an oral hearing has been requested by either the student-athlete or the Athletic Department, the following rules will apply:

1.         The student-athlete and the Athletic Department will be notified of the date, time, and place of the hearing;

2.         The appeal will be heard by members of the Appeals Committee. This is a three-person committee of University faculty and/or staff appointed by the President; and

3.         The student-athlete making the appeal shall appear first in the hearing. Other parties, including the Athletic Department representative, shall appear after the student-athlete. The Appeals Committee may invite witnesses identified by either party to participate by meeting with the Appeals Committee. If the witness prefers, they may respond in writing to the Appeals Committee’s request for information.

Hearing on the Record:

If no oral presentation is requested, the review will be based upon the written record. Members of the Appeals Committee will hear the appeal. The Appeals Committee may request additional information from the parties and/or witnesses who may respond in writing.

Report of the Appeals Committee:

The Appeals Committee will determine whether or not the Athletic Department abused its discretion in denying the student-athlete’s written request, either through a hearing on the record or in-person. The Appeals Committee shall determine the findings by a majority vote. The Appeals Committee will make a written recommendation to the President within 5 business days of the deliberation.

Decision of the President:

The President will promptly render a final decision.