Copyright and Trademark



The University of Georgia is committed to respecting the rights of copyright holders and complying with copyright law. The University System of Georgia has developed a comprehensive policy and resource page, which can be accessed below, to assist faculty, staff and students in addressing questions related to copyrighted works and fair use.


Additional questions regarding copyright and fair use can be directed to Marshall Chalmers, Associate General Counsel, at (706) 542-0006 or


Use of University Logos & Trademarks

The Office of Legal Affairs works alongside the University of Georgia Foundation, the Athletic Association, and divisions of the University to monitor and enforce compliance with the University’s policy on the use of its logos and trademarks. That policy, which can be accessed below, addresses issues such as how to request permission for use of logos and what standards and restrictions apply to the use of the University's logos and trademarks.


For questions about the use of athletic logos and marks, including the Georgia “G” and the Bulldog, contact the Athletic Association at (706) 354-4683.

For questions about the use of academic logos and marks, including the Arch, contact the Division of Marketing and Communications at (706) 542-8090.